September 9, 2013

  • My first time on 2.0

    This is my first time back since a few weeks ago. The day 2.0 launched I came by and realized I hated the set up and also half the set up didn’t work for me. Today Im feeling a bit fresh and don’t actually mind all the changes.
    This past week hasn’t been too bad (for me personally). Work didn’t suck as much and I had some pretty good connections with friends (even though we are so far away). I won’t say that seeing someone that’s a pain to me have a hard time was a plus but…. ;-)
    I’ve had some pretty wicked dreams. Last night I had one where I was seeing a large ship aimed towards me with missiles and bombs. Infrared cameras and lazers that could detect my moment threw the house I was at. It was kind of creepy.
    One of my friends at work is going threw some medical problems lately. Hoping she is ok.
    Books I’ve managed to read… Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    I know only one book in the past few weeks. So unlike me but I honestly have needed a break from everything. I have been vegging in front of the tv watching Master Chef, Under the Dome, CSI:NY, and now Teen Wolf.
    I haven’t even been working on my geneology. I did make a connection with a lady that is out of TN. She managed to have some pictures of my 2nd and 3rd great grand fathers. My 3rd great grandfather looks exactly like my grandpa it is so very errie. And I know these are my people because before my mother and I ended up in a huge argument she confirmed that she recognized them.
    You’d think a family tree would make a family become closer but it’s like my mom only thinks of my grandma and her siblings as part of her family. I and my Dad are always “outsiders” due to some strange language she concocts in her head where she’s talking but not speaking to us.
    I swear she’s why I need therapy!


    Hopefully you can see this photo… It’s one of the photos that the kind lady in TN had. I have already sent them to the photo center to get copies for myself. The photo was probably taken in… 1925 or 1926 since the baby in the photo is probably my great uncle and he was born in 1925.

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  • My husband and I really enjoy Under the Dome (and I didn’t expect I would), although I’m pretty tired of seeing that half cow they’re so proud of showing.

    It’s really cool how you’re tracing your lineage. Really cool.

    • Yeah it gets a little old seeing that cow get cut in half on every commercial and entry to the show. I guess that and the plane crash is there special effect and they’re so proud of it they have to show it off more than the one time it was needed. :)

  • Dear Leigh Ann,
    First of all,I’m sorry for all your problems at work. I was fired from two jobs in my first career in retail management. The first simply because I was a popular guy and lots of employees would call in sick after one of my parties. The store manager who’d made me Garden Shop manager at that particular store had been transferred and the new manager didn’t like me at all. (This was in the 70s, lots of stuff going on in those days LOL) At Target I was let go because after two years managing the entire hardlines area of the store, I didn’t record a markdown “properly” and was fired for a security infraction. Just like in your situation, someonme who didn’t want me around was pretty much out to get me. It was the Manager of Security in that instance.

    I’ll pray for you and send positive energy your way. Good to see you on Xanga. I’m still pretty upset that a lot of my site design “disappeared” but I’m figuring out what to do slowly but surely.

    Really neat photo. Glad you’re having good times with your friends.

    And of course, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Here’s a hint for you. If you want to make your “username” a link so people can get back to your blog from comments you leave, go to where it says “edit avatar” and click that. Then where is says “website” type in and hit the update profile button. Then your name will become a link to your site. Another Xangan told me how to do this. Xanga doesn’t seem to be saying much of anything these days. LOL.

    Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

    • That’s how it feels a lot lately like they’re looking for any reason to get rid of you. I’ve tried to appear or disappear into the furniture and I’ve tried sticking my head up and doing a superior job saving company money etc. the best tactic seems to be blending in and disappearing. If I talk on the floor to anyone but a customer it seems I’m getting in trouble. I just can’t win lately.

  • it took forever for me to get in, you were lucky to get in on the day it launched.
    I got hooked into Master Chef this summer but it always seemed like it was on at the same time as something else I watched so I always had to tape it.

    • I pretty much have to use on demand to watch most of my shows now because of my work schedule. You can’t plan anything because you never know what hours or days you’ll have to go in. I either keep up with shows that way or just watch them on netflix or dvd when the whole seasons come out.

  • Nice of the lady in TN to send a pic. Everyone, except the baby, looks so serious!

    Good to see you here! I wish we’d get more tips from Xanga on how to use the site! How did you get a background pic? It won’t work for me.

    • I really couldn’t tell you how I got the background the way I did. I stumbled across a themes section and it had background picture listed so I uploaded one of my cruise photos of the sky and ocean only the picture turn out so big you can only see part of the sky and a cloud but I liked it so I kept it anyway. I couldn’t tell you how I stumbled across that now though. I guess I was lucky.
      Just about any picture you see before 1930s seems they weren’t allowed to smile in. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in that time that people did smile.

  • Good Morning from your now 80 year old man Xanga friend. lol

    I am doing a little better with Xanga 2.0. I am so low tech that gophers seem high tech compared to me.

    Nice to see you post. I decided to visit my friends instead of post today because I end up not visiting my friends.


    • You’re more high tech than you think. If you have managed to figure out how to post.

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