September 14, 2013

  • I wish…

    I really wish I had that part in me that could stand up no matter what for what is right instead of having that frightened person that freaks whenever some asshole starts making a fuss.  I really should have more back bone.

    As most everyone knows I have been having a horrible time at work lately.  I don’t know if it’s the economy and all tanking or if it’s more than that going on.  But my store manager and everyone else (trickle down effect) has been absolutely horrid work environment.

    Today I went in to work a little early with my breakfast to eat and my store manager was in the break room throwing peoples lunch boxes and lunches away.  Now I work retail and I don’t know about other places but where I work a lot of people are scrimping by lately and sometimes not making it on their paycheck because of hours getting changed or lowered but when you chunk someone’s lunch and their box away that’s a little excessive.  I can understand (policiy is name and date in the fridge) if it’s a bag of food from yesturday.  But lunch boxes and lunches from that very day…

    He has no respect from anyone and expects people to trimble at his feet.

    I wish I could say, “I trimble for no one”.

    He’s like a little dictator.

    Later  on after I clocked in I went to the floor and started working.  I went to a case that seemed to be damaged and I couldn’t get it to close.  So I told someone to call for our next in line when things get icky (he’d be able to fix it).  I waited forever at the door.  And heard on another isle our store manager erupting in fury because a cart had been left unattended.  It wasn’t unattended before I got to the case.  And it was either let all the stuff in the case walk off or stand by the cart.  Finally our next in line showed up.  Only to have to call our store manager over. He proceded to grumble and cuss and gripe for 30 minutes all the while tearing the case apart and making a big mess.

    I took the unattended cart away and hid it in the back.  Went to break and breathed.

    I went back out apologized to our next in line for causing him trouble.  Then helped customers till lunch.  When I was going to lunch I saw our store manager screaming back behind the layaway area because there was stuff piling up.  So he threw a bunch of boxes made it worse and then went somewhere else.

    Everytime we had to call for a manager the rest of the day he would call and say he was being “whomevers” secretary and what did we want and couldn’t we make any decisions for ourselves.

    I at work as if I’m a third class citizens.  I would also never shop where I work anymore if I couldn’t help it.  It’s awful how we are all treated.

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  • The rich get richer and the 99% crumble. It tears me up that real wages of real people are declining while the stock market grows.

  • Sorry you have such a terrible boss and job. Sounds horrid. I know you have to work as I did, and maybe one day the boss will be gone.

    I am still trying to figure out Xanga 2.0 Sorry I have not been around, but I have a hard time meeting my dear friends like you.


  • I’d get very upset if someone threw my lunch away! I bag lunch every day to save $, and, like you said, some people can’t spend money… My workplace is different… food sits in the fridge for days, weeks even, before someone (usually me) pitches it. But, I’d never throw away something I haven’t seen over & over again. Bosses are paid not to lose their cool… well, good bosses, that is!

  • From a manegerial stand point, I think you need to make a note of this and speak with your district manager. No one should o into work feeling scared.

    I know that feeling and you have to stand up for yourself, but usually it is always best to build a case, make sure you document time & date things you see.

    its a small start, and maybe you and the staff need to come together to make your work environment comfortable, without you or your employees around the manager wont be able to run his store.

    good luck!

  • What a jerk. I don’t know what makes someone at that level think he’s so much more important. He was probably in sales once and he certainly has to report to someone else! They forget what it was like.
    Maybe you could look for a job at another store. It would be great if all of the sales staff would leave at once–then the upper management might take notice! Good luck!

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