November 5, 2013

  • Haven’t been on in a while….

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve visited.  A lot of things have gone on…  Still working for the grimlins though.  I’ve decided they don’t get to redirect my life.  I am the captain (or someone who likes me is) and that’s that.

    Bought a used car which I’m regreting in some ways.  All the financial stuff that goes along with just drags the whole thing down.  I think I just today (3 weeks after signing) have managed to get everything in order.  I’m not saying this purchase was at all anything like what I expected.  Next time I’ll go in with eyes open and will not have these hassles.  Number one I won’t be doing any sign your life away for 3 years.  Number two I won’t be “not” doing a trade in.

    The other day I woke up and somehow felt like if I didn’t start living I never would.  So I made one goal.  I’m going to start saving up for a trip of a lifetime.  It’s not that I never go anywhere it’s just I never am in control of where I’m going.  This is going to be my trip.  If someone wants to tag along that’s fine but I’m planning my route the way I want and I’m not letting other people sway me in my goal.  I’m also not letting the shear size of my adventure get in the way.  It is a long term goal.

    I’m calling it the…. crap I forgot the name.  :(

    Anyway I’m going to take a leave from work in a couple of years and do this trip.  You can imagine it as a back packing threw Europe adventure but it’s not really backpacking cause I’m planning on flying into one country and using the rail system to get to another.  Plus I figure I will be meeting up with my German friends somewhere along the way.  My trip to Germany was in 2003 and it’s been a long time.  My trip will cost 10000 dollars.  If you want to donate to me I’d be glad cause it’ll probably take me 4 or 5 years to save up all the cash and I’m not looking forward to working my butt off as it is.

    I think I was calling it “My Big European Getaway”.

    Anyway I haven’t made all my ideas solid yet but I have years to work on it to get it all right.  A definite will be England, France, Germany….  I am wanting to also go to Italy, Norway, Spain and Poland.  It’s a bit spread out which is why I need like 2 months of leave to work it.  It’s a floating in my head type thing at the moment.

    I also found out yesturday at my doctors appointment that I’m probably going threw early menopause.  Which means I wasted my child bearing years and will forever be alone in life…..  that’s what my asshole side is telling me anyway.  My rational side realizes that I never was good with kids and have no patience.  And I probably didn’t have all the parts working to begin with.  My family history with reproductive parts ain’t good anyway.  Still my mind morns the babies that didn’t get made.  Chocolate will fix all. :)

    Speaking of Schokolate.  I am trying to learn German again.  It’s like my 3rd time to try this.  I’m horrible with languages and can not remember or pronounce things well.  But I found an app that I like and it’s working to help me along.  I’m not understanding tenses but I can get the jist of what’s going on if I know the basic words.  I guess I’m doing better.

    That is all.

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  • Good to hear from you! I can’t post here, since my subscription expired and I haven’t decided to renew. Seems like not much work has been done to recreate it since the switch.

    Good for you for planning the Getaway! Love the idea.

    Aren’t you awfully young to be looking at menopause? (Pls forgive if that question seems out-of-line!) I was in my later forties when all that stuff stopped.

    Take care! Monica

    • My mom went threw it early as well. I don’t find any questions offensive unless they are directed to hurt and yours are just inquisitive :)
      I’m looking forward to the trip. I need to do more good things for myself.

  • good to hear you’re taking that trip.

    what kind of car did you get?

    • I got a corolla 2013. It’s been a pain. They cashed my first check early and my second check they’re still holding for whatever reason. I’ll do better next time knowing what I do now.

  • It was nice to read your post. We bought many used cars in our marriage and most were OK–usually rusty due to snow and salt. My wife hated rusty cars. We moved to Indiana once on a transfer and she called me at the office to say she was buying a new car—we were not going to park our pile of of junk in front of our new apartment. lol Thank God it was a new cheap small Sentra with no extras–stick shift. lol

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