Month: April 2013

  • Headlines

    My little town has had some major headlines this week.
    We had a drive by elephant shooting earlier last week. And this week we have had the guy arrested for sending resin to a senator and the president.
    It's crazy people lately and I seem surrounded by them!

  • I just want to complain right now because tomorrow is my gynochology visit.
    Complain all you want about the dentist but this visit is 100 times worse. Last time I wanted to cry.
    Thank family history for this one.
    Evidentally this is just my shouting board lately bc I'm doing a shitty job at communicating back to anyone.
    Saw the Boston marathon incident today. My initial reaction was government conspiracy with some agenda. Guess I've been hanging out with too many conspiracy theorists? Guess they'll want to take our garbage cans away now cause they hide bombs.
    Sorry. I'm evidentally in a mood.
    Saw another episode of the bible. I'm still convinced judas is portrayed wrong. He was Jesus BFF and in order for the good stuff to happen Jesus had to be betrayed. It obviously torn him up inside else he wouldn't have killed himself.
    Yes I'm a bit crazy in my thought but I think for myself occasionally.
    So back to gynochology. I hate it who invented this shit? Men? Hate you too.
    Last night I dreamed someone asked me to marry them I jumped and said yes then woke up wondering who I said yes to. I probably married a book. It was all typed out for me.
    Went searching for a new bathing suit. Looked like a bomb went off in there. Gave up. They probably thought I was shoplifting. They just don't know I'm the most paranoid person on the planet. Able to jump to conclusions in a mere 5 seconds.
    Gotta love it.

  • I think I'm manic depressive.

    One day the world is bright and shiny then it's all falling apart.

    I'm seriously tired of my own drama!

    I'd much rather deal with other people's than my own.

    I got the strangest complement from a higher up boss this week (after my melt down).

    I was specifically told I was NOT they're favorite. About 20 times... I'm not good with subtle so it's a good thing it was repeated so much or I wouldn't have caught the sarcasm. The veiled meaning... Perhaps I am a favored?

  • Today was one of the days I wanted to walk out the door after saying "I quit!" really loudly to some asshole that holds my paychecks.  

    Everyday it just gets worse...  And I wonder how long I'll hang on before I let go of all the worry, anxiety, and fear....  I just want to give it up.  But I have no idea what's to come when I utter those words that free me from this job.  

    I have the worst things go threw my mind lately.  I can clear it then I'll have one of these days that bring everything back.  

    I hate it.  These days...

    My schedules gone from a steady morning shift Wed threw Sunday to a schedule where I can come in at 7 and leave at 2 or 4 and then the next day show up at 2 pm and leave anytime between 10-11...  There's no shift....  There's no rhyme or reason as to what I might have to do be it my own department or someone elses.  

    You'd think a multimillion dollar company could afford to keep a couple of employees happy by having regular hours.

    If you have a good manager you're life is much easier.  But when they have off days and you have to swim or drown without them.

    God Im tired of hearing myself complain now...