July 31, 2013

  • I’m very much tired of the nay Sayers on fb concerning xanga. I wish I could turn that portion off and keep the good posters but it all or nothing. I’ve never seen a group of people act so childish wanting a company to go down just bc they get attention.

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  • I don’t understand either, questioning when it’s something we’ve gotten for free for so long. 

  • I’ve long since blocked most of those nay-sayers, though I still get miffed at those who comment negatively on the posts of others. If they dislike Xanga so much, they should just go elsewhere, whre they’ll be happier! Looks like their ploy to destroy Xanga has failed, though, so maybe they’ll learn a lesson!

  • @slmret - Unfortunately, people like that are unable to learn from their mistakes, since they don’t see them as mistakes. You can’t cure stupid.

  • Hmm, I wonder who would be on your list of “good bloggers”? Anyway I can learn a lot from basically anyone and I don’t mind all types of folks just because I am flexible.

  • Hopefully it won’t be too long before those folks are gone.

  • I don’t hope that happens, but I am tired of those who are so aggressive towards everyone who just decided against it, or didn’t believe they make it (not you…just a few people.)

    I didn’t until yesterday….and i can’t blame anyone else, because who would suspect that all of a sudden they stay for another month and someone offers 10 000. Had they said it’s possibly until the end of august and only 50 000 in May…ok. I would have had more hope for the fund to begin with, I would have made a different guess.
    But I am not blaming the Xaga team either, they probably didn’t plan this.

    I think many are angry that you’ll have to pay, especially when it’s a lot for them. It must suck to watch so many stick together but not being able to. I got pledged for, didn’t make one od my own. I happily take it, but I will miss many people, so essentially I stick with what I said it won’t be the same.
    I am also sad that so many left already, but like I said, I can’t blame them.

    I don’t think that now so many people still don’t believe in it.

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