Month: May 2013

  • Im not giving up on xanga.  

    I just paid 48 dollars for a year.  I think when you break it down into months 4 dollars a month is not a bad price to keep what I love going.  I think a lot of us can do this.  

    Don't give up because you see a huge number and think you can't do it on your own.  It's not just you.  It's a whole bunch of people coming together to make this place special.  

    Even though I am not the best writer or communicator on here I do have my moments...  Hopefully today is one of those moments where I can convince people not to give up.  Not to jump ship.

    Even if xanga does go down you get your money back right?
  • Ok can't sleep now that I've learned xangans having issues.
    I'm not sure how many people have 60k laying around but I hope it gets resolved.

    Until then this is my just in case keep in contact strategy

    My email.

    You can use this for email or finding me on Facebook.

  • I need to make goals and stick to them. Live life without compromising because of fear.
    Not worry about how I fly but that I do.

    I other areas I think I have fibromyalgia but I'm un diagnosed It makes since to me. I have most all of the symptoms. I'm just not giving up just cause most every day of my life I feel like poop.

  • Nothing's happened or changed. Works sucks (the schedules and rules and expectations all get harder and it hang on or get dumped)
    Family life if erratic and scarey. Didn't know you could have funny paranoia but you can. Grandma thought someone was in her house bc someone turned off all her night lights. She had forgot to turn them on cause she didn't need them at 5:15 when she went to bed. And obviously the things the robbers and theives would be after is her night lights. She's got at least five scattered threw the house.
    My birthday came and went. No photos this year at all. We ate at Cracker Barrel and I got to do my hair this week.
    The lady was older and kept talking about her cateracs. She asked what I wanted done and I told her cut off two inches give me some layers and highlights (red). She cut my hair started the color (cut some more while the foil was in) and rinced then cut some more. Thankfully it'll grow back pretty fast but I hate bangs and now have them. Never said I wanted any. She just give them to me.
    I'm unhappy.

  • Some years are harder than others. Some weeks... Some days... Some moments.
    I hate when beautiful people are taken away from me by whatever reason. Distance... Time... Or Disease...
    I don't have the greatest memory. Sometimes I rely too much on the other person to keep me connected.
    Sometimes it's the only thing keeping me together. You.
    You're important. Don't sell yourself short.
    You're meaningful.
    You're loved.
    Don't forget. Don't forget.


  • So little yet so much is going on.  

    So I hear xanga is going down hill.  Everyone's leaving and such.  I personally haven't been on lately because life gets in the way and I actually have to think when I get on here which gives me a headache sometimes.  What if I say something stupid....  :-/

    Anyway I figure since I'm not keeping up with my paper journal this is the next best thing right? 

    I want to be an artist.  Seriously I've always had the want to be an artist but the talent part just never happened for me.  Being an artist is so much more than putting for something for the world to look at.  There's all kinds of art out there.  I happen to not know what mine is....

    Went to a festival this past weekend and found some lovely things I would have loved to own.  But original art is worth a lot more than I can afford right now.  
    But I can share what I saw with you here because internet pictures are free..

    As you can tell those are icon inspired...
    Loved this guys bracelets.  Gotta say momma raised me to have expensive tastes.
    I think this lady (link above) is going about things the wrong way.  She says it's too expensive to go to the shows and therefor won't sell her stuff online.  My thing is if I see something at a show I might not want to buy it then but would want to buy it later for a gift perhaps and not have the time nor money at that moment.  She'd do better to actually sell stuff online but as it is she'll only show us pictures.  And didn't even show the Shutterbug character (made of antique cameras) which I thought was so adorable.  
    So this is what I've been up to.  Later.
  • I've been in a semi-melancholi mood lately. With quick bursts of euphoria FALLOWED by guilt anger and depression. Such is life these days.

    I'm thinking of joining a gym. I figured 15 dollars a month is reasonable. But I know how I am. When I get depressed you can hardly get me out of bed much less out of the house and active. I only go to work and home. So pathetic.

    I want the life my childhood promised.

  • I'm feeling a bit persecuted. Too much news? Why's everyone out to kill me (us) lately? I help save orphan dogs. I try to be honest and truthful. I may not be the most cheerful person but I try. Stop trying to take my life away.