Month: June 2013

  • I had a good day because for the first time ever I actually had a conversation with Jacob that left me feeling comfortable and not angry grossed out or confused.
    The ups and downs of this particular relationship of mine has been going on since the beginning of time it seems.
    The last few times I have not enjoyed too much of the conversation.
    I had a "plus" day instead of a "negative". Now I am pretty positive this wont happen any of time between now and my death but ill take that high today and live off it for a bit.

  • My world has been all over the place lately. I forget to could my blessings.
    When things go wrong I look to blame other people. I sometimes forget that I might be involved.
    Today's the anniversary of my grandpas death. I don't normally remember things like this and would have forgotten had my cousin not reminded me.
    Somber day.

  • Cleaning and laundry today. Gotta say I hate cleaning and it shows with the build up of dust.

    My fan....

  • Everyone left yesturday and now I'm at the house on my own again.  Only this time no grimlin living in the basement.  :)

    Sounds like nothing of importance has happened to day because they only went to Walmart (which isn't my favorite place lol)

    I've pretty much done nothing today.  I had a headache when I got up and have mainly eaten and watched tv.  I found Pillars of the Earth on On Demand and have been going threw the episodes one by one.  I watched World Without End a few months back and this is actually suppose to be viewed before it so I'm out of order as usual.

    I ordered my geneology dna test a few minutes ago.  So in about a week I will be swabbing my dna and giving it to some scientist.  6-8 weeks later I might learn something about my ancestry past (like weather or not my family tree has forks or not).  

    Anyway it's boring here (sorry but it's my life)

    I always have plans but nothing ever comes threw right.

    Found out one of my high school graduating class died this past week.  It's not something that happens often.  I really look at grade school as being like your puppy mill.  All the people you grew up with you think you have to protect and help out because they are part of your puppy group.  But then when it comes down to it you don't really know many of them 20 years later but you're still thinking of them like they are your puppy still.  I know this thinking is totally illogical.  
  • The back end of my baby as its being towed away. Yesterday sucked and I turned into a banshee when my car stopped in the middle of traffic for no apparent reason.
    I couldn't get ahold of anyone and the phone number I was told to call in case of a breakdown ended up being a previous insurance number not a current one.
    I admit to cussing and screaming and threatening my family with murder.
    It was 100 degrees stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic with no end in site of how to get out of it.
    Someone finally answered and got me a tow service and two good Samaritans pushed me to a gas station.
    My cars still in the shop today. My angers gone down to nill and I got to laugh at myself.
    Since the day before 3 men were trying to use my savings to buy a car I liked but didn't want to buy and wasn't paying me any attention. I told them if god wanted me to have it it would be there the next day. Well the salesman called the next day to tell me it was still there and maybe god wanted me to buy it. I hung up on him only to be stranded for what seemed like forever the next day.
    Maybe god did want me to buy that car but now I got to pay for the one I already own to get out of the car hospital. Maybe in a few weeks?

  • So tired of all the negativity and yes I realize I create it myself since it feels like a record players hitch in my head some days. Really need to jump the track forward if you know what I mean.
    Working tomorrow night again and then 2 days off and car shopping. We will see what happens.

  • So being in the office to have a discussion about Gossip is not my idea of a good work day. And exactly why I need xanga. :(
    Btw this PC crap can be used very wrong. A question can be turned into malicious gossip instead of mere curiosity.
    And I'm feeling very hurt and betrayed right now.

  • I've done a bit of nothing today. Hoping one of my friends is up for planning a vacation next year. We are looking at cruises without the parents. Maybe we will agree on something. If we don't there's really not a problem.
    Did some laundry and watched Master Chef. Ate with Daddy at a local Mexican restraunt (not my usual).
    We had the garage door break again last night worse than it was already broken. I think my dad only likes to fix things after I'm in bed and indecent. So we argued and I finally flipped outside in the indecents to drive my car out of the garage so he could get the ladder and tinker. Then call a repairman at 10 o'clock. So they actually fixed it today. Blessing in disguise I guess.

  • Give respect and you might get it

    Today when I got to work a lady was waiting at the cellphone booth to return a phone. She had no box. She had no charger. And no receipt. She was being helped by about 3 people from the booth.
    At the end of her wait she was told we couldn't return the phone bc of the fact she hadn't brought back everything plus not having a receipt.
    She came back in after all those people left and tried to return it again. It was about 6 hours later. She talked to a different set of managers. The was told the same thing.
    This upset her. She started to cuss and a lot of fowl language was thrown around which I won't repeat.
    We finally had to call the highest member of management in the store. He threatened to call the police because she was using such fowl language.
    She said we were not respecting her and we were not doing our jobs to help her.

    This woman was wearing a United States Army uniform the entire time she was carrying on in this disrespectful manner.

    I wanted to tell her that she needed to respect others and they would do the same. And I also wanted to tell her that just because you wear a uniform doesn't mean you get respect automatically. The rules apply to you as we'll as everyone else. We don't have royalty in America. Not even the president we are all equal in the eyes of God and man.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

  • I had a troubled day yesturday fallowed by troubling dreams.

    I lived where I had when I was little. It was different yet the same. My family was hosting some people at our house. I remember going outside and seeing a large tree on the side with sprinklings of snow and ice and it gave a christmasy feel off.
    I looked to the side and an entire line of teenage boy prisoners were marching. Their guards disorganized accidentally allowed some to escape.
    It was chaos. They hid everywhere and many found their way to my house. I warned them to sit down and act normal to not act up while we were being searched to hide in full view of their searchers.
    Of corse there's always one that desided to do something crazy and tries to hide inside a washing machine.

    I then flitted to a mall where I was looking for a gift for my dad. I was in some kind of strange hover craft that moves people place to place.
    Finally let out I start looking and find myself in a children's science store where I saw many different kinds of toys. Lots of strange puppet faces that glittered and shined.
    I stopped on my store hopping when a lady grabbed my hand and said I looked sick. I was deathly pale and she mistaken me for fatal. I felt like I was without blood and that I was walking around as the palest person but without fangs to make me something special.

    That's all I remember.

    Would like to say that I'm not all that happy with some events from yesturday and I'm feeling I deserved better.