September 10, 2013

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    It use to be easy to find “new” people to read. I haven’t found a option that brings me to anything like top blogs or random blogs or anything like that. Any clues as to how to do that?

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  • There is no gathering page yet. It’s coming, but thexangateam hasn’t put it out yet.

    As far as finding new people to read, I have been trying to do that by clicking on users through mutual friend comments. But WAY too many people have on followers lock and are preventing the social aspect of xanga and we’re making ourselves smaller than we are by isolation that way.

    I beg people, take off that followers lock until the neighborhood is established or we will never reconnect and the community can’t develop – because of poor choice, not because of Xanga.

  • The above comment makes a good point, but I have mine set for privacy to keep prying relatives away. lol

    I will have to think it over.


  • Frank, there’s a xanga community only lock, too. No one outside xanga can look. And xanga isn’t taking new sign-ins right now. Unless your relatives are already here, they can’t pry anyway. Just make sure you aren’t suffocating yourself in an effort to prevent a cold.

  • I was just having a similar thought.
    Can you tell me how you did your background?

    • In appearance under themes there is 2 choices I chose they black and white square pattern which on the side pops up for you to load a picture if you want.

  • I like your avatar too.

  • Oops, that last comment was meant for PrincessPowers

  • I agree but I hold out hope that they are working on recs and a main page of sorts.

  • Where is this “no followers” lock?

  • I didn’t know there was a follower’s lock. I’ll have to see if I can figure it out. Thanks.

  • There just isn’t that much going on anyways. Even if there were a gathering page, only 807 people visited Xanga yesterday and probably many of those were “free” users without the ability to post. Everyday, fewer and fewer visitors, fewer and fewer posts.

    see for yourself at:

    - the official Xanga visitor logger

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